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  • Small Business in the Philippines

    How to Start a Successful Small Business in the Philippines

    Are you getting tired of being a corporate slave? Do your days at the office feel like a boring routine? Do you wish you can change your situation but still earn money? do you want to start a successful small business in the Philippines? You definitely can, and that’s by being your own boss. Instead of […] More

  • snorkeling in philippines

    Guide to Best Snorkeling in Philippines to Explore Underwater World

    Away from the honking of traffic, from the restless phone calls, from smoky streets and from the choky malls, here you are underwater exploring an all new world, amidst these beautiful fish, turtles, urchins, seastars and all that colour. And here comes a giant clam, squishing hugging your hands. Relax & enjoy snorkeling in Philippines, […] More

  • man made attractions in philippines

    Top 5 Man Made Attractions In Philippines You Should Visit

    Philippines, no wonder is a haven of natural beauty, but that doesn’t exclude the creations of man. The country’s interesting history makes it a melting point of cultures viz. Portuguese, Spanish, Chinese and American along with Filipino. Apart from various archaeological sites, it is a luxurious abode of history that is fascinating enough for a […] More

  • tourist attractions in cebu philippines

    Top 5 Tourist Attractions in Cebu Philippines – Queen City of South

    Thoughts take you places. So does Cebu each time you visit any of its monuments. Each fragment of Cebu tells a story that will transfer you to the colonial era. Located in the Central Visayas region of the Philippines, Cebu is one of the largest economies in the country. Featuring a collection of historical monuments, […] More

  • attractions in manila philippines

    Top 5 Tourist Attractions in Manila Philippines You Should Visit

    If you say Manila is metropolitan, there you are taken; you haven’t seen its endless shores then. If you say Manila is a country town, you haven’t visited the giant malls of the Philippines. Both are true and not in their own sense. It’s only when you actually have a tour along the Philippine capital […] More

  • backpackers philippines

    Backpackers Philippines – Your Complete Backpacking Guide to Philippines

    So, finally you’re ready to leave your office cubicle and wander in the islands of the Philippines. Well, wandering is a great thing unless you’re in a familiar place. It’s okay that Filipinos are great hosts, kind and helpful and all; but what if they don’t understand what you ask. Of course, most of them […] More

  • swimming pool builders in philippines

    Top 5 Swimming Pool Builders in Philippines & Requirements

    What’s more soothing than a refreshing dip in your swimming pool, especially if you reside in the hot and humid city of Philippines? Philippines is a city surrounded by heavy rainforests that gives a jump to its humidity. This is quite evident of oily skins, sun burns and heavy head. To a relief, there are […] More

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